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He's not a hero. He's a silent guardian; a watchful protector--

a dark knight.

Bruce Wayne / Batman (OU)
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Character: Bruce Wayne / Batman
Series/Fandom: Batman (Nolan movieverse)
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Bruce Wayne is a handsome young man with the money and time to make everything appear perfect in his life. He wears designer suits most of the time and everything about him is usually in exact place. He has dark brown hair that is slicked back, liquid brown eyes, weighs about 190lbs, stands at a nice 6’1’’ height, and appears slim and unimposing in his clothes. Beneath the fancy clothes lies a finely toned body of someone who works out obsessively. This would be because when he’s not being the utterly handsome playboy billionaire, Wayne is playing at being the big black Bat. Batman is deceptively “larger” than his counterpart if only due to the full body armor, concealing cowl, and billowing black cape. On the black armor he wears a utility belt with numerous pouches. Two obvious markings would be: one, on the chest piece is a stylized bat symbol; and two, the distinctive bat ears on top of the cowl. His entire body is covered in the black armor leaving only his mouth/chin area open and small slits for his eyes to be seen.

Personality: Bruce Wayne is seen as a flippant, superficial playboy billionaire that is irresponsible with his time, life, and especially his inherited money. He comes off purposefully dimwitted and self-absorbed in his playboy façade to throw off any possible suspicion of his secret identity. The real Bruce is caught somewhere between a vengeful adolescent seeking the means to fight injustice and an older, more mature yet angry man set on a path to finding his true purpose in life. And in the middle of all this inner turmoil and indecisive personality set is the Batman, a rage-filled void bred distinctively for inspiring fear and dread into the criminal element that he hunts down.

Rest of Profile and History

This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg phase_rpg by aisuyoukai.
[Batman/Bruce Wayne] © [Bob Kane/Bill Finger/DC Comics].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.