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The end of Econtra simply spells the beginning of a new game. Now at phase_rpg. Check phase_mods for information. Relationships from Econtra are 'phasing' over. (Oh, you like that pun, huh? Yeah, I didn't think so.) They are rather vague memories of a time and place he does not really remember but there nevertheless. We'll all see how that manages to work out, along with the new stuff. ^_~

013 | Mormoops Megalophylla | Voice Post

[muttered below human hearing:] ...As if I don't get enough sleep as it is...

[he gets closer to the PDA and talks more clearly now] ...Now I have something new to worry about. All right--someone explain how this works; and slowly. I'm afraid I might forget... haha.


I can phase through things?

((He has ghost powers! Also, since I didn't list the Bat-suit as a prerogative I would just like to ask the person who got Bruce's abilities whether they would like to see a Ghost!Bat flying around or if they would like their own character traipse around in tights and underwear a cloak and cape? :D))

011 | Law of the Land | Voice Post

[Private | Unhackable]Collapse )

[Screened to Harvey | Unhackable]

I need an answer.


010 | Yet More... | Voice Post

Persepone's gone. What the hell is the point of this place? First one person, now another. What's the point of bringing us here? Sending us immediately away? And where the hell is Dick?

[frustrated noise]

I hate this place! It is beyond just 'boring' and 'horrifying'. It's downright evil.

And don't respond with some snotty reply of "we already know this!" and "there is no point" and "what took you so long to figure that out?" and--and whatever the hell else! I know and I quite frankly don't give a damn. I'll repeat whatever the hell I want on here!

009 | More Troubled Mind-ery

[Screened to the Bat Family, and anyone else who knows The Truth | Unhackable]

I won't be on a legitimate patrol tonight.

I'll be in the park.

That spot.


((Yep. This is for Robin. Also, here is an open thread for his angstyness. Persephone: I figured this was mostly for that offer he made to her. He'll seriously not say a word if she just beats the living daylights out of him. Now that's sympathy. lol. Joker: Same applies really, but Bats will be doing the beating. lol. Bat Family: feel free to ninja/thread hop if you have permission from the original commenter. I figure you guys might want/need to stop whatever goes down if its gets real bad. Have fun guys. XD))

008 | Troubled Minds Get No Rest

[Private | Unhackable]Collapse )

[switch to voice; caught between morbid amusement and vague concern]

There's a lot going on right now... isn't there? Tim? Dick? Barbara? All of you okay?

Robin is... what's going on... [pause] Persephone?

And Dent--ah, getting along well? Making new friends yet? [chuckling; he's obviously reverting back to teasing and just looking for a conversation with a familiar face]

007 | Old Faces Turned New

[Screened to the Bat Family || Unhackable]

We seem to have a Harvey Dent with us now. Let me talk to him first. He's from my world. And... he doesn't need to know his future.


...Harvey? Harvey! Is that really you? God is it nice to see a familiar face around here. Even if you are the "worst" kind of fellow to see--geez, who invites a lawyer to a war? Do these aliens plan on being sued for negligence of their POWs? Not that I wouldn't mind a little something in return for all this torture but...

[friendly chuckling]

Yeah, all right. Enough with the bad jokes. Getting used to this place yet, or are you still trying to wrap your mind around it all?

((It starts out as a written post but around "he doesn't need to know" it switches over to voice. After the screen he is typical playboy--overly cheerful and cheeky.))
So for once I think we can all safely agree on something: let's never, ever do any of that ever again. Yes? Yeah.

I know I read several entries about that already so it's pretty much a majority thing--and I didn't really need to add my two cents because everyone thinks reiteration is stupid around here... right? ...but there. I had to say it, too.

Anyway. I'm glad everyone's all right though...